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Welcome to the brand new website of Barrys Pont Vet Clinic, an imaginary vet clinic designed to show you how easy it can be to get a well designed professional and fully customisable website from us. Feel free to click a couple of links to get a feel for the site, everything you see here can be tailored to your vet practices needs. This website can also be integrated with the my records system, allowing pet owners to visit your website often to check up on their upcoming appointments and reminders as well as viewing their animal's history.

Extra Content

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Consultation Doctors

Ask one of our helpful imaginary veterinarians and nurses what products and services are best for your pet. Got a pet with a health issue? A flea problem?  Give us a call and we'll sort you out if a jiffy! 

Our Team

Meet our friendly vets and nurses, some of us have been working at this imaginary vet clinic for over 30 years! Take solace in the fact that with all of our experience with imaginary animals, your pets couldn't be in better hands.
Champ, our clinic mascot is always welcoming of new visitors to the clinic.


Image gallery

Take a look at our clinic and some of the fluffy animals we've had in the clinic recently. Can't you see how happy they are to be here? Or maybe that's the drugs. If anyone can speak cat or dog language and could ask them for us that would be greatly appreciated.